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2 Jun 2024

Referees seminar in Zagreb, Croatia

2 Jun 2024

Coaching clinic in Zagreb, Croatia

28 May 2024

Elite International Referees Headline Basketball Inclusive Games Seminar in Croatia

28 May 2024

Josef Jaglowski, a trailblazer in wheelchair basketball, known for his remarkable expertise and achievements, will lead the coaches seminar in Croatia

20 May 2024

Referees seminar in Warsaw, Poland

20 May 2024

Coaching seminar in Warsaw, Poland

16 May 2024

“Let’s do it” project of BKHU Levski presented as an example in the Council for Education, Youth, Culture and Sports in Brussels by the Minister of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria

14 May 2024

Seminar for wheelchair basketball referees to be held in Warsaw, Poland 17th-18th May 2024

13 May 2024

Dennis Nohl will lead the coaches seminar in Warsaw, Poland

12 May 2024

Coaching clinic – Nicosia, Cyprus

11 May 2024

Referees clinic in Nicosia, Cyprus

29 Apr 2024

Seminar for wheelchair basketball coaches to be held in Nicosia, Cyprus 11th-12th May 2024

29 Apr 2024

Žarko Tomšič – an experienced referee and wheelchair basketball expert is part of the Basketball Inclusive Games family

23 Apr 2024

8-year-old Iliyan Laskov made his wheelchair basketball debut

18 Apr 2024

Referees Clinic – Athens, Greece

seminar Nis

17 Apr 2024

Seminars in Nis, Serbia

17 Apr 2024

Champions Factory won the award “Sports for Peace”

17 Apr 2024

Clinic for wheelchair basketball coaches in Greece