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“Basketball Inclusive Games – BIG” initiative is a year-long non-profit sports project dedicated to enhancing accessibility and inclusivity in basketball across Europe. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment that empowers individuals with disabilities, leaving a lasting and positive influence on the European sports community.

Our innovative approach involves a comprehensive strategy consisting of a main event, co-events, and a carefully crafted work plan with three interconnected work packages. At the heart of our efforts is the European Wheelchair Basketball Event, a flagship occasion that champions accessibility by bringing together both able-bodied and disabled athletes.

In addition to the main event, our initiative features supportive co-events, including referee seminars, coaching seminars, and volunteer training. Through these collaborative activities, we aim to foster a more inclusive and supportive sports culture throughout Europe. Join us in making a difference and promoting diversity in basketball!


Pan-European Wheelchair Basketball Event Preparation and Promotion:

  • Undertaking a comprehensive campaign encompassing active social media, press, and video initiatives across the European Union to heighten awareness and generate enthusiasm.
  • Executing a discerning athlete and coach selection process in all project countries, resulting in the identification of 12 distinguished athletes and the appointment of 5 highly qualified coaches.
  • Ensuring the appointment of referees specializing in wheelchair basketball, thereby upholding the highest standards of fairness and integrity.

Training Seminars for Coaches:

  • Convening meticulously organized two-day seminars at the national level in each participating country, totaling 10 nations.
  • Facilitating these seminars with the expertise of featured trainers certified and provided by the esteemed International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF), delivering the latest coaching methodologies and strategic insights.

Seminars for Referees:

  • Orchestrating sophisticated two-day seminars at the national level in each participating country, totaling 10 nations, complete with a rigorous examination process for qualification.
  • Engaging the services of seasoned sports referees, certified and provided by IWBF, to deliver comprehensive and authoritative insights into the nuances of refereeing wheelchair basketball games.

Digital Platform Implementation:

  • Implementing an advanced digital platform with a QR code system to facilitate seamless access to the event venue.
  • Enabling real-time and live viewing capabilities during seminars and the main event, while concurrently integrating contemporary e-learning modules, forums, and training resources to enrich the overall participant experience.

Basketball Inclusive Games – Samokov, Bulgaria:

  • Culminating in a six-day event in Samokov, Bulgaria, featuring the participation of 10 distinguished teams.
  • This final stage of the initiative serves as a testament to the embodiment of inclusivity, sportsmanship, and unity within the realm of basketball, encapsulating the essence of the "Basketball Inclusive Games" project.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is a future where basketball is a sport for all, regardless of ability, origin, social status or gender. We envision a society where individuals with disabilities are seamlessly integrated into the basketball community, competing at the highest levels and contributing to the richness of the sport. Through our unwavering dedication to education, empowerment, and innovation, we aspire to set the standard for inclusive sports events, sparking a ripple effect that transforms perceptions and redefines the boundaries of possibility in basketball and beyond.

Mission Statement:

“Basketball Inclusive Games” aims to pioneering positive change in European sports culture by championing inclusivity and accessibility in basketball. Through long-term strategy and collaborative efforts, our goal is to empower individuals with disabilities, fostering a welcoming environment that transcends barriers and leaves a lasting impact on the European sports community. Our commitment lies in promoting diversity, equality, and sportsmanship, creating a legacy that inspires a new era of inclusive athletic experiences.