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Referees clinic in Yalova, Türkiye

1 Jul 2024

On June 29 in Yalova, Türkiye, a clinic for referees was conducted under the guidance of a skilled referee, as part of the “Basketball Inclusive Games” project. Funded by the Erasmus Sport program under the EU, the seminar was supported by the Turkish Sports Federation for the Physically Disabled. This clinic not only equipped referees with practical skills but also reinforced Türkiye’s dedication to promoting accessibility and professionalism in adaptive sports officiating.

Zarko Tomsic, a veteran referee in wheelchair basketball and a current member of the IWBF Europe Executive Board, conducted the clinic. The clinic provided important understanding of managing wheelchair basketball games.

The outline and core topics presented in the clinic:

  • History of wheelchair basketball
  • Special situations in wheelchair basketball
  • Understanding the importance and significance of different disabilities
  • What is a cylinder in wheelchair basketball