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Referees Clinic – Athens, Greece

18 Apr 2024

As part of the BIG – Basketball Inclusive Games project, a clinic for referees was held on April 18 in Athens, Greece.

The lecturer of the clinic was Vasileios Bikas – wheelchair basketball referee since 2001 and acting International IWBF Referee, from 2008 to present. He has been a referee at the highest levels of wheelchair basketball in Europe. Member of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Wheelchair Basketball Referee’s Association. Also part of the writing and translation team for the FIBA and IWBF Official Basketball Rules and Interpretations from 2001 to 2021.

The program and main topics of the clinic are:

1. The history of wheelchair basketball

2. Communication of Referees – Coaches

3. The importance of Pre-game

4. Wheelchair Dimensions – Measure before starting the game

5. Player wheelchair cylinder

6. Article 31: Lifting, Tilting

7. Article 33: Contact – General Principles

8. Mechanics of 2 referees

9. Video Session

10. Court practice

The clinics were attended by basketball referees interested in refereeing in this sport, as well as wheelchair basketball coaches.