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Kick-off meeting – Video recording

6 Mar 2024


The Erasmus+ sport project “Basketball Inclusive Game” marks a significant leap forward in promoting inclusivity in sports. Aimed at integrating people with disabilities into the sporting community, the project draws on the collective strength of a network of passionate organizations.

Kicking off with an inaugural meeting, the project has seen the collaboration of multiple organizations that stand united in their commitment to inclusivity. At the forefront as the coordinator is the Basketball Club for People with Disabilities Levski, guiding the project’s vision and execution.

Тhe International Wheelchair Basketball Federation Europe, an entity that brings expertise from the highest competitive level of wheelchair basketball. From Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Basketball Federation is contributing its national perspective on the development of the sport.

Cyprus is represented by the Kypriaki Omospondia Kalathosfairas, hopefully Cyprus will soon begin to enter official wheelchair basketball competitions. While Croatia’s commitment is channeled through the Hrvatski savez kosarke u kolicima, they have vast experience in wheelchair basketball, which will be available to all partners in the project. Not to be overlooked is the Hellenic Wheelchair Basketball Federation from Greece, a testament to the sport’s popularity and the drive for inclusivity in the region with the great number of teams they have in the local championship.

Champions Factory IRELAND LIMITED is carrying the flag for Ireland, exemplifying the project’s reach across the European continent. The Integration Sports Club KONSTANCIN stands proud for Poland, and the Federatia Romana de Baschet does so for Romania, each bringing their unique insights and experiences to the table.

From Slovenia, the Zveza za sport invalidov Slovenije joins the collaborative effort, alongside the Regionalni kosarkaski savez Istocne Srbije from Serbia. Finally, Turkiye’s voice is heard through the Bedensel Engelliler Spor Federasyonu, completing this impressive roster of organizations.

The Basketball Inclusive Game project, funded by the Erasmus+ program, is a beacon of progress. It is not merely about sport but represents a collective endeavor towards a society where the joy of participation and the spirit of competition are accessible to all. The kick-off meeting is just the beginning, with each organization poised to contribute to a series of initiatives aimed at fostering skill development, understanding, and mutual respect through the universally loved game of basketball.