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Kick-off meeting in Sofia

27 Dec 2023

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The first major event of the project „ Basketball Inclusive Games –BIG  “  program is the kickoff meeting in Sofia. It will be held on 24-25.01.2024.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of all partners and will be held hybridly – in person and online.

Agenda for Kick off meeting Sofia

24.01.2024 – Arriving in Sofia accommodation in Hotel Vitosha

25.01.2024 –

                  10.00 – Press conference and journalists’ meeting with project participants

                   10.30 – Welcome all partners

                   11.00 – Presentation of each organization

                   12.30 – Lunch

                   13.30 – Presentation of the project BIG

                   15.30 – Creating a plan for the Coaching and referee seminars.


                 9.30 – Consideration of the documents needed for the project and their writing – Management Plan, Financial framework and guidelines, Reporting and process document

                 11.30 – Acceptance of the project activities plan

                 12.00 – End of kick-off meeting


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